After Being a Mommy ….


It’s been eight months since I am into the best role of my life ‘being a mommy ‘of my little star boy. I had heard while I was pregnant also before that ,that holding those tiny hands tiny feet smell of the little angels their smile their crying is the best feeling. It really is !
Well after being a mother there is no personal time . Everything around you changes your priority, your shopping list and many more things ahh and even the song playlist it’s full of rhymes & lullaby.
That is the thing you miss the most “the me time”
Well taking out time in your busy routine is necessary there are few tips I am sharing:
1. When you take shower everyday, make the most of it, use different body showers,body lotions, body mist.In short pamper yourself while taking a simple bath.
2. When baby take nap listen to your favourite music, cook something special for your yourself.
3. Go for a walk or yoga class when baby is with spouse or any grandparents in the house.
4. Read a book or any positive article before sleep after you have put your little one to sleep, don’t do social media surfing before sleeping .
5. Make time to pray
These are some points which helps me in getting recharged to take care of my little baby.

4 thoughts on “After Being a Mommy ….

  1. Benuka gupta says:

    Thanku new mommy on d blog
    For sharing ur experience
    N tips
    It ‘ll surely help me too to nourish my lil one in more efficient way

    Liked by 1 person

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