Why birth of a boy still makes people more happy !!


I believe in equality in gender roles.
But why still in our society if a baby boy is born people are more happy. As a mother does it make any difference I don’t think so…
I always wanted a baby girl as there are so many lovely dresses accessories shoes to dress those little angels , this was the only reason I wanted a girl. Rest it does not make any difference to me a child is a blessing whether boy or girl.The way I will brought up my boy will be same if I had baby girl.
People say girls are parents specially mothers best friend and boys are there ‘sahara’ . It basically depends on the bond you make with your child both girl and boy can be your friends and that sahara thing in our society is so annoying we don’t raise up our boys so that they will help in our old age .
It’s their life we have to only love them teach them give them good morals even it’s a girl or boy.

As a mother of a boy what I wanted my child to learn:
1. ‘Boys don’t cry ‘ what does that mean why they were taught like that. I wanted my child to know boys are free to show their emotions anywhere anytime. Both girl and boy should be taught to express their emotions.

2. Boy and girl are equal everywhere whether in their work or in household chores.

3. Discipline should be same for both the genders, if a girl is not allowed to stay out after eight at night, a boy should also be not allowed.

4.If your daughter can’t have a boyfriend till certain age , same should be taught to your sons.

These are very small points but very important, a mother is the first teacher of a child. The basic mindset thinking a child get from his or her parents .In this century equality of rights to men and women is one of the important topic we could make our child learn.

Every child is special. Giving birth to a healthy child in itself is the greatest blessing . So boy or girl should never ever make any difference.


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