Diwali 2017 Blog

IMG_1691Diwali the Festival of Lights is one of the most important festival of india.
Last Diwali baby kabir was born 3 days before Diwali , so this was his second Diwali but celebrated like first as last year I got discharged from hospital on Diwali day.

Baby kabir loved the lights everywhere , the rangoli , he dint liked crackers much but overall he enjoyed he was happy the whole day and day before the festival too he was very happy like we adults are , he was in all festive mood.

Now here I will share one simple DIY which I did this Diwali :
1. Bought tea light candles from Amazon and they were really cheap, 50 candles for Rs. 107
2. Bought the decorative tape of different colours from market.
3. Cut the tape and paste it on candles with fevicol and simple DIY colourful candles ready.

Next I will share some pics of rangoli which I made this Diwali

Crackers I never liked since childhood, so I never burnt and nowadays crackers are so bad with so much pollution which is bad for everyone . So we should avoid crackers . Be safe be happy.

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