When baby turned “ONE”

Oh it’s a very late post , due to busy schedule and health issues I was not able to write about my baby turning one.
On 27 Oct 2017 baby kabir turned one.

I dint threw a party for my baby this year , I had plans but due to some health and personal issues I finally decided not threw a birthday party. One advantage I have felt of not celebrating the first birthday is obviously baby will never remember or enjoy his first birthday , so why spent so much money on that event . We could use and spent this money for baby’s birthday in many other ways. Well celebrating and giving a birthday party to your loved ones is never a bad idea it is always a personal choice.

We got the baby cake smash photoshoot done from delhi based photographer shipra and Amit photography. They are based in defence colony i.e south delhi. Loved their work , their team, the creative idea they give, the professionalism.

They will make your baby a star baby .

I will be sharing some of the pics below:As when your baby when turned one your motherhood also completes one year.

The first year of motherhood according to my experience is a roller coaster ride.

With mixed emotions sometimes you are happy , sometimes you feel like crying , sometimes you become irritated but overall it’s a happy ride. The first year of baby is always special it’s how from only crying they start speaking some words, how from only lying on bed or lap they start crawling or walking, how from only having mother’s milk they want to eat everything. Now baby kabir is almost 13 months I am excited and eager what this year will bring to me as a mother .
These babies grow so fast you will never notice. Cherish every moment with them.

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