Review of Aurodo pocket zoo 4d

Educational toys are best option for any parent for their kids. I came across this box of animal cards which is a mobile or tablet based game. It gives a nice experience of listening the voices and seeing the animals move on your mobile or tablet screen.

It is a fun way of learning for kids and side by side enjoying the game. The game come in a box that contains:

  • 32 animal cards which include sea creatures, wild animals, pets and insects too.
  • It contains a stand device for your mobile or tablet.
  • A very cute carrying pouch to put your cards in it.

How to use this :

  1.  Search for the app ‘Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4d’ on google play store or apple app store.
  2.  Download the app.
  3.  Then the box contains a scratch card scratch that card it will have a special number which you will be asked to activate the app.
  4.  Now scan card and explore different animals see them moving and listening their voices , their is an option of spell when you scan the card and when you press it will say the name of the animal.

What I like about this :

  1. It can be used for my baby as he is only 14 months now but he was enjoying it, though it is for kids 2 to 10 yrs of age.
  2. It has vast variety of animals .
  3. Its very easy to install and use .
  4. It feels real animal experience, good for kids who like animal related games.
  5. Not so expensive and is available on
  6. It has animal quiz option which will help your kid to recognize animals and learn their spelling.​


What I don’t like :

It is a screen game so not good for kid’s eyes if they play for long hours.

In brief its a nice product with fun, learning and technology.

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