The Body shop wild argon oil lip balm and body shop Lipscuff review …

Dry and chapped lips is a common concern in winters for many people. Every girl loves lip balms. I am crazy for lip balms , always trying new brands new fragrance.

Also a common concern nowadays is lips having dead skin because of applying lipsticks or liquid lipsticks ,long stay lipstick . No doubt these lipsticks look beautiful on us but they make lips super dry so i was looking for a lip scrub.

One day i went to body shop outlet and asked them for lip scrub they said they have only one product in this category and that is lipscuff you can apply to remove the dead skin and also they suggested me the wild argon oil lip balm i bought them both to give it a try.


I am in love with this lip balm since the day i bought ,it almost been 4 months I am using it. It comes in a nice packing different from other body shop lip balms. It makes lips so smooth and has a very light and heavenly fragrance. Argan oil which has so many benefits and getting a lip balm containing argan oil as main ingredient is a deal not to be missed.


  • Makes lips very smooth and moisturize them well.
  • Its affordable it is for rs. 625 for 20 ml (according to the quality of the product its really worth it)
  • Have a divine and soothing fragrance.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to carry .
  • Don’t have any color , so you can apply before applying lipsticks.
  • It’s non-greasy.


Seriously i din’t find any flaw in this lip balm its little bit expensive but its really worth it.

Give it a try!


It is like a lip scrub which is used to exfoliate your lips same way you use face scrub or your face to remove the dead skin. It has a refreshing peppermint fragrance .It comes in a lipstick like packing and it is to be applied the same way. You have to apply like a lipstick and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes and then remove it with a tissue.


  • Very easy to apply.
  • It exfoliate your lips well.
  • Makes lips refreshing.
  • Love the peppermint fragrance.


  • I found it expensive it is for rs.645 for 2.5 g, the quantity is very less.

If you want to spend money for so less quantity and your lips really need exfoliation give it a try !


16 thoughts on “The Body shop wild argon oil lip balm and body shop Lipscuff review …

  1. Lip scrubbing is imp and our lip needs proper hydration too. Body Shop is a good brand and you cant find out flaws for their products. But products are pricey. I will buy the lip scrubber


  2. Gurjeet chhabra says:

    I love The bodyshop products they are just awesome ,smells good. I like The Body shop wild argon oil lip balm then body shop Lipscuff .


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