Freedom to me is  a ‘Free Soul’

Every person should have the right to freedom. Freedom is the essence of happiness. That is why in our country Independence Day and Republic day are celebrated with so much courage.
But in our society how many women or girls are living freely . To walk freely wherever they want, to wear whatever they like freely, to raise their voice whenever they want. The number is very less and the women who do so are judged by so called Indian society.

What freedom means to me…..

I was a very introvert and reserved type of person since childhood, I was judged in school among relatives at college at work and after marriage. My freedom was to let be me the type of person I am don’t force me to be extrovert to speak more.

I speak and I have always raised my voice anything that is wrong that is not honest and then again I was judged why she is speaking , why she is so honest , how can she speak the truth . But I never take people comments personally , yes I have been through low times but I never changed myself from inside my soul that god has given me.

My family my friends have always supported me in my freedom my views the way I am.

A women after marriage face the freedom issue most. Either by husband or in-laws . I was faced the same on the clothes I wear to the way I live , the way I speak. I was criticised much but that doesn’t mean I will stop doing or wearing what I used to . I am a free soul I can do anything I want if I am not doing anything wrong. 

You should have to be true to yourself . Your heart should be free . Freedom to me is whether you are single,married or mother you should never feel that you have taken certain decision or following certain rule or tradition because someone has told you to do it. If your heart feels it is not what you want to follow never do that. Because at the end you will only regret .Decisions whether right or wrong should be your decisions taken from your mind and heart both.

Thus to me freedom is a free soul.
*This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Aparna from for introducing me.
*I would now like to introduce Veena and recommend you to read her views on the prompt, ‘What Does Freedom Mean To You’.  

3 thoughts on “Freedom to me is  a ‘Free Soul’

  1. Ashneet sahni says:

    Appreciate your thoughts and adding to above i believe at the end of every day we should not forget that we have freedom to say the word ‘NO’ to anyone. Freedom is living the life you dream not to please others.

    Liked by 1 person

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