How much Freedom should be given to kids…..

Raising up kids in today’s environment is not an easy task. Nowadays children are more smart more active more intelligent then we were as kids. Kids should be raised in a happy environment. They should be given freedom in some aspects of life and should be controlled in other aspects of life. After all kids are parents responsibility .

Kids should be given freedom to grow on their pace . Means when a child is born the people around start comparing your child does not sleep much , your child has not started crawling has not started walking . So we as parents become worried and start forcing things on them , there is a time when your baby will start to walk you can’t force them you can help them when they need but you can’t force , you have to set them free.

Similarly when they grow up you can teach them difference between good and bad but you can’t control what friends they make because if you control them they will be against you. So keep an eye on them be polite with them try to be friend with them in every phase of life.

So give them freedom but always be alert what they do ,where they go ,who are their friends , what they watch on television or social media. 
Most important give them freedom of speech to talk with you in any matter of life , any problem they are facing. Be their friend so they are free to talk to you no matter what age they are. 

Children should be supervised but given freedom while playing studying or doing any task. They should explore things in their own way. In short freedom in moderation is my take on giving freedom to kids.

*This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Aparna from for introducing me*

*I would now like to introduce Veena from and recommend you to read her views on the prompt, ‘Your take on giving freedom to kids’

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