Slurrp Farm cookies review….

Hello all ! So today I am sharing with you my review on much awaited slurrp farm cookies which I have been giving my baby since 2 months.

When I started giving solids to my baby I always thought there should be some snacks or biscuits that should be specially made for kids. Then after few weeks I come across slurrp farm . I ordered the ragi and choclate flavoured cookies from amazon. I was really excited to taste this flavour.

The taste of the cookies was up to the mark it has a flavour of choclate and cinnamon and the main point it is made of Ragi which is very good for growing babies and it is easy digestable.

About Slurrp Farm

Slurrp Farm is founded by two mothers, for their children, and yours. We make honest and healthy food for your little ones and you, just like you would at home. This means no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no colours.

What they claim

All our recipes begin with what our grandmothers made for us as kids. We discuss them in our home kitchen with friends, and refine them with experts in paediatric nutrition. They are also rigorously tested by FSSAI accredited labs and our own children! We want to bring traditional food wisdom back into modern lives.

Ingredients as mentioned:

Wholegrain wheat flour, Butter, Ragi flour, Wheatflour, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Skim milk powder, Cornflour, Cinnamon, Salt, Baking Soda, Baking Powder

What I like about the cookies:

  • They are delicious because of choclate flavour your kids will love.
  • They are very soft can be given to baby if they still don’t have teeth as my baby got his first tooth after one year so it’s a good option other biscuits are little bit hard.
  • It’s easily available on
  • Love their packing.

What I didn’t like :

  • The price is high as they are just cookies. They are of Rs.99 and contains 18 cookies.

Well I regularly buy them now. Will love to try their other flavours and other products as my kid grows.

Thank you Slurrp Farm!

9 thoughts on “Slurrp Farm cookies review….

  1. Cookies that can be given to babies is perfect! You are always worried about chocking hazard, when the babies are small, but a soft cookie that is also nutritious is perfect!


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