For my parents to the one for whom I am a parent ….

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up. Today’s prompt is  Letter to parent/inlaws/kids

I will divide this blog post in two parts, first for the one who have given me birth and second to the one whom I have given birth.

Letter to my mom dad my parents…

You understand the true meaning of parents after you become one.

My mummy and Papa you had suffered a lot during your lifetime but throughout the suffering you have raised your three kids perfectly . 

I will not say you have given us whatever we have wished but you have always given us whatever we need and that is the correct way of parenting.

You have always sacrificed your own needs ,desires to fulfil ours. I will be always thankful to you for making me what I am today. The most important thing I have learnt from my parents is being honest and always standing for what is right.

You have given me immense love. I just feel so blessed whenever I see you both playing with your grandson. Just god give you good health for many many years. We will need you no matter where your children are whatever we are doing. You are the reasons that I am so connected and bonded with my brother and sister .You have never ever done any difference between us I have learnt from you to how to raise loving siblings . 

It is so difficult to live without you everyday. It so difficult to live with judgemental people everyday . Why can’t we live with our own parents god who love us so much. Why we girls have to live away from them. Oh I am being emotional now , will always be their for you mummy Papa .
Your loving daughter..

Letter to my son Kabir…

It’s been 15 months since I am your mom my sweet little boy. You have shown me the best phase of my life of being a mother. 

You have taught me a lot in this one year, you have taught me to be more loving, more sacrificing , more patience , more responsible.

You are my strength and weakness both.

I want you to know that your mommy loves you a lot and no matter what I will be there for you.

I always pray to god to give you good health and make you a good human being. I don’t have any expectations from you my son , but I want you to be a good man to always respect women, always stand what is right. I will always there for you to listen to your stories to your dreams. You will be free to follow your dreams I will be always standing beside you. And my son sorry for the days when I will not be perfect mother for you there will be such days and I am sorry for that. Love you so much my heart always pray for you since the day I have held you in my arms.

Your loving mother forever.

I would like to thank Sriptithi Somasundaram for introducing me. You can read her post here

I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Mohita you can read her wonderful post on her blog.


9 thoughts on “For my parents to the one for whom I am a parent ….

  1. Gets a little too hard to wrote something to our parents isn’t it? Especially with all those emotions that rise withing us as we think back of all the memories we made with them. Kabir has a wonderful mom. Great post!


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