A letter of love for my sister …

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up. Today’s prompt is letter to a friend.

To Ashu ,

You know how much I love you and what you mean to me. Though you are my sister by birth but we are friends more. I am thankful to have a friend like you. Though you are younger to me but we have never felt that younger elder thing. As when you share friendship bond with anyone age and age gap doesn’t matter.

Many of right things happened in my life were because of you. From the days we played silly childhood game to the day we play same games with kabir our relation and friendship is same. I pray to god it always remain the same.

There were times we fight we argue but we are same after few hours. No matter where you are or where I am I love that we always say connected. From little Bollywood gossips to big intelligent talks you are the person I share these things with . You were there in my every bad time always and you have always given me strength to fight with life difficulties.

You are too my shopping partner since childhood and hope we remain the same till old age no matter where we are.Thanks for giving me all the knowledge of makeup and perfumes.

Life would not be easy and happening without you my friend my sister.

No matter what I will always be there for you , may you achieve all success and have all happiness in life.

Yours loving Sonam
 I would like to thank Princy Khurana for introducing me. You can read her post here http://clanpedia.com/

I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Sinduja you can read her wonderful post on the prompt here https://www.mytinytigger.blogspot.in/

4 thoughts on “A letter of love for my sister …

  1. Ashmeet says:

    Thankyou for a lovely post… i like me better when i am with you.. you are my rock, my treasure and a friend for life.. my only prayer fr u is that u shud b blessed with exactly ditto what u want!! You are my shadow😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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