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Goa is my all time favourite place. It’s the third time I visited goa this time with kabir and my brother and sister. Goa is pure love I have travelled to Europe to Thailand but what feel you get when you are in goa is incomparable.
Things I love about this city:

1. It’s safe for women.

2. It has beautiful beaches.

3. Every type of food and delicious food is available.

4. It’s not expensive.

5. Alcohol is available at very cheap rates.

6. It’s good for party lovers as well as good for families.

7. The city and beaches are clean.

Restaurant I visited this time:

1. Thalassa : It’s a Greek restaurant with beautiful Greek like ambiance , went there at night. The crowd was amazing music was good.

2. La plage: it’s a hidden gem restaurant at beach ashwem.Beautiful location and so peaceful . It’s a French restaurant so food options are ok ok . We ordered burger , pasta and the taste was ok . I really liked the desert i.e upside down caramelised Apple tart.

3. Mum’s kitchen: It is authentic Goan food restaurant located in panjim and the curry and rice were amazing. Must visit if you want to try authentic and tasty Goan food.

4. Brittos : Brittos at baga beach is I think everyone’s favourite for good food. They have every kind of food. And the food here never disappoints me.

Also on the last day of the trip baby kabir got fever . So it became very hectic as he got fever because of teething he was in pain and was in my lap all the time. He remain unwell for 3 days after coming back.

Hope to visit my favourite city again and soon .

3 thoughts on “Goa blog ..

  1. hdpreeti says:

    The best thing about Goa is that liquor is easily accessible and yet people are well behaved.This list will come in handy for my next Goa visit .

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  2. uttpalkhot says:

    Apart from all the controversies, it is stuck in almost every year, Goa still manages to attract tourists from far and near. It is one place where we all feel relaxed and rejuvenated 🙂


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