Letter to beloved …

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up. Today’s prompt is letter to beloved.

Letter to beloved,
Oh what a nice day to write a letter to you

Yesterday we completed four years of marriage. Married life with you is full of ups and downs. I always wanted a friend in my life partner but you are sometimes my friend and sometimes you act like a stranger or I must say just a husband.

I believe in love more than marriage. Marriage is just a legal proof that we can live together and love is everything .

I just want to say that I love you , you are a nice person by heart . We have been through a lot in these four years seen many hard times , bad days no matter what the reason was . I am there will be there for you because of one simple reason that I love you.
I believe we should always keep the romance the dating stage alive in marriage , no matter how many years have passed.

I remembered how we met ,how I didn’t liked you in starting ha ha. How you tried so hard to win my heart. How I was so confused even after our roka and I told you that , but you make me believe that you love me. Then we got married and love between us become stronger . But real test of relation is during hard times , and we have been through hard times . I hope we always come out through hard times and never ever loose the love and trust we have for each other. 

I always love traveling with you and you also love it and you should thank god for giving you so amazing life partner travel partner and partner in everything .
Lots of love

Your better half….

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Letter to my future self…

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up. Today’s prompt is Letter to self…

Hi mommy 

Hope you are doing good. Hope you are taking care of yourself . You must be busy with your son .

Hope you have stop taking serious what other people talk about you. It’s of no use.

You must be independent by now , started making your own money like you used to be before you got married.

You must be taking your decision yourself .

You must have stop cribbing when you lost your little stuff. 

Above all hope you are same from heart as you have always been. You are keeping your innocence , your love for your dear ones , your honesty with you always.

You are maintaining your relations perfectly as you used to. And most important you are taking care of your son in the best possible manner as you can like you have did since he was born.

You should take less stress in life. Everything happens for reason. You should stop stressing about situations. It affected your health in past and it will if keep stressing. So be happy.

Also now you are taking out time for your hobbies too as you stopped after having baby.

You should know your family your dear ones love you a lot they are always with you in your happy or sad times. Always remember your roots , be down to earth no matter what you achieve.
With lots of love,

From the younger Pavneet

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A letter of love for my sister …

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To Ashu ,

You know how much I love you and what you mean to me. Though you are my sister by birth but we are friends more. I am thankful to have a friend like you. Though you are younger to me but we have never felt that younger elder thing. As when you share friendship bond with anyone age and age gap doesn’t matter.

Many of right things happened in my life were because of you. From the days we played silly childhood game to the day we play same games with kabir our relation and friendship is same. I pray to god it always remain the same.

There were times we fight we argue but we are same after few hours. No matter where you are or where I am I love that we always say connected. From little Bollywood gossips to big intelligent talks you are the person I share these things with . You were there in my every bad time always and you have always given me strength to fight with life difficulties.

You are too my shopping partner since childhood and hope we remain the same till old age no matter where we are.Thanks for giving me all the knowledge of makeup and perfumes.

Life would not be easy and happening without you my friend my sister.

No matter what I will always be there for you , may you achieve all success and have all happiness in life.

Yours loving Sonam
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Love letter to my Iphone

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Today’s prompt is Letter to inanimate object..

To my phone,
Thanks for being there from two years. Life without you is not easy . I have loved all my phones but you are one of my favourite . You are the one in time of needs as when I feel alone or depressed I can talk to my mother from anytime anywhere.

You have helped to give answers to so many questions that come to my mind everyday.

I can stay connected with my friends and family because of you.

You give me the music so I can dance on it. One of the main reason I love you is my love for music I can listen to as many songs from you.

Kabir also likes you always want to hold you but sorry phone can’t give you to Kabir as he is very small and you are not good for him.

But thanks for making him listen so many poems and lullaby’s he loves them and yes they are of great help when he show tantrums in eating food or sleeping.

Also I am very bad in directions so you are the one who always help me in travelling to my destination.

I started my blog also on you , you are so user friendly I don’t get time to sit on laptop as being a mommy it’s because you are always there I can do my blogging.
Life is not complete without you my IPhone my mobile . 
Yours proud owner .
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For my parents to the one for whom I am a parent ….

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I will divide this blog post in two parts, first for the one who have given me birth and second to the one whom I have given birth.

Letter to my mom dad my parents…

You understand the true meaning of parents after you become one.

My mummy and Papa you had suffered a lot during your lifetime but throughout the suffering you have raised your three kids perfectly . 

I will not say you have given us whatever we have wished but you have always given us whatever we need and that is the correct way of parenting.

You have always sacrificed your own needs ,desires to fulfil ours. I will be always thankful to you for making me what I am today. The most important thing I have learnt from my parents is being honest and always standing for what is right.

You have given me immense love. I just feel so blessed whenever I see you both playing with your grandson. Just god give you good health for many many years. We will need you no matter where your children are whatever we are doing. You are the reasons that I am so connected and bonded with my brother and sister .You have never ever done any difference between us I have learnt from you to how to raise loving siblings . 

It is so difficult to live without you everyday. It so difficult to live with judgemental people everyday . Why can’t we live with our own parents god who love us so much. Why we girls have to live away from them. Oh I am being emotional now , will always be their for you mummy Papa .
Your loving daughter..

Letter to my son Kabir…

It’s been 15 months since I am your mom my sweet little boy. You have shown me the best phase of my life of being a mother. 

You have taught me a lot in this one year, you have taught me to be more loving, more sacrificing , more patience , more responsible.

You are my strength and weakness both.

I want you to know that your mommy loves you a lot and no matter what I will be there for you.

I always pray to god to give you good health and make you a good human being. I don’t have any expectations from you my son , but I want you to be a good man to always respect women, always stand what is right. I will always there for you to listen to your stories to your dreams. You will be free to follow your dreams I will be always standing beside you. And my son sorry for the days when I will not be perfect mother for you there will be such days and I am sorry for that. Love you so much my heart always pray for you since the day I have held you in my arms.

Your loving mother forever.

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Slurrp Farm cookies review….

Hello all ! So today I am sharing with you my review on much awaited slurrp farm cookies which I have been giving my baby since 2 months.

When I started giving solids to my baby I always thought there should be some snacks or biscuits that should be specially made for kids. Then after few weeks I come across slurrp farm . I ordered the ragi and choclate flavoured cookies from amazon. I was really excited to taste this flavour.

The taste of the cookies was up to the mark it has a flavour of choclate and cinnamon and the main point it is made of Ragi which is very good for growing babies and it is easy digestable.

About Slurrp Farm

Slurrp Farm is founded by two mothers, for their children, and yours. We make honest and healthy food for your little ones and you, just like you would at home. This means no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no colours.

What they claim

All our recipes begin with what our grandmothers made for us as kids. We discuss them in our home kitchen with friends, and refine them with experts in paediatric nutrition. They are also rigorously tested by FSSAI accredited labs and our own children! We want to bring traditional food wisdom back into modern lives.

Ingredients as mentioned:

Wholegrain wheat flour, Butter, Ragi flour, Wheatflour, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Skim milk powder, Cornflour, Cinnamon, Salt, Baking Soda, Baking Powder

What I like about the cookies:

  • They are delicious because of choclate flavour your kids will love.
  • They are very soft can be given to baby if they still don’t have teeth as my baby got his first tooth after one year so it’s a good option other biscuits are little bit hard.
  • It’s easily available on Amazon.in
  • Love their packing.

What I didn’t like :

  • The price is high as they are just cookies. They are of Rs.99 and contains 18 cookies.

Well I regularly buy them now. Will love to try their other flavours and other products as my kid grows.

Thank you Slurrp Farm!

How much Freedom should be given to kids…..

Raising up kids in today’s environment is not an easy task. Nowadays children are more smart more active more intelligent then we were as kids. Kids should be raised in a happy environment. They should be given freedom in some aspects of life and should be controlled in other aspects of life. After all kids are parents responsibility .

Kids should be given freedom to grow on their pace . Means when a child is born the people around start comparing your child does not sleep much , your child has not started crawling has not started walking . So we as parents become worried and start forcing things on them , there is a time when your baby will start to walk you can’t force them you can help them when they need but you can’t force , you have to set them free.

Similarly when they grow up you can teach them difference between good and bad but you can’t control what friends they make because if you control them they will be against you. So keep an eye on them be polite with them try to be friend with them in every phase of life.

So give them freedom but always be alert what they do ,where they go ,who are their friends , what they watch on television or social media. 
Most important give them freedom of speech to talk with you in any matter of life , any problem they are facing. Be their friend so they are free to talk to you no matter what age they are. 

Children should be supervised but given freedom while playing studying or doing any task. They should explore things in their own way. In short freedom in moderation is my take on giving freedom to kids.

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Freedom to me is  a ‘Free Soul’

Every person should have the right to freedom. Freedom is the essence of happiness. That is why in our country Independence Day and Republic day are celebrated with so much courage.
But in our society how many women or girls are living freely . To walk freely wherever they want, to wear whatever they like freely, to raise their voice whenever they want. The number is very less and the women who do so are judged by so called Indian society.

What freedom means to me…..

I was a very introvert and reserved type of person since childhood, I was judged in school among relatives at college at work and after marriage. My freedom was to let be me the type of person I am don’t force me to be extrovert to speak more.

I speak and I have always raised my voice anything that is wrong that is not honest and then again I was judged why she is speaking , why she is so honest , how can she speak the truth . But I never take people comments personally , yes I have been through low times but I never changed myself from inside my soul that god has given me.

My family my friends have always supported me in my freedom my views the way I am.

A women after marriage face the freedom issue most. Either by husband or in-laws . I was faced the same on the clothes I wear to the way I live , the way I speak. I was criticised much but that doesn’t mean I will stop doing or wearing what I used to . I am a free soul I can do anything I want if I am not doing anything wrong. 

You should have to be true to yourself . Your heart should be free . Freedom to me is whether you are single,married or mother you should never feel that you have taken certain decision or following certain rule or tradition because someone has told you to do it. If your heart feels it is not what you want to follow never do that. Because at the end you will only regret .Decisions whether right or wrong should be your decisions taken from your mind and heart both.

Thus to me freedom is a free soul.
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The Body shop wild argon oil lip balm and body shop Lipscuff review …

Dry and chapped lips is a common concern in winters for many people. Every girl loves lip balms. I am crazy for lip balms , always trying new brands new fragrance.

Also a common concern nowadays is lips having dead skin because of applying lipsticks or liquid lipsticks ,long stay lipstick . No doubt these lipsticks look beautiful on us but they make lips super dry so i was looking for a lip scrub.

One day i went to body shop outlet and asked them for lip scrub they said they have only one product in this category and that is lipscuff you can apply to remove the dead skin and also they suggested me the wild argon oil lip balm i bought them both to give it a try.


I am in love with this lip balm since the day i bought ,it almost been 4 months I am using it. It comes in a nice packing different from other body shop lip balms. It makes lips so smooth and has a very light and heavenly fragrance. Argan oil which has so many benefits and getting a lip balm containing argan oil as main ingredient is a deal not to be missed.


  • Makes lips very smooth and moisturize them well.
  • Its affordable it is for rs. 625 for 20 ml (according to the quality of the product its really worth it)
  • Have a divine and soothing fragrance.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to carry .
  • Don’t have any color , so you can apply before applying lipsticks.
  • It’s non-greasy.


Seriously i din’t find any flaw in this lip balm its little bit expensive but its really worth it.

Give it a try!


It is like a lip scrub which is used to exfoliate your lips same way you use face scrub or your face to remove the dead skin. It has a refreshing peppermint fragrance .It comes in a lipstick like packing and it is to be applied the same way. You have to apply like a lipstick and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes and then remove it with a tissue.


  • Very easy to apply.
  • It exfoliate your lips well.
  • Makes lips refreshing.
  • Love the peppermint fragrance.


  • I found it expensive it is for rs.645 for 2.5 g, the quantity is very less.

If you want to spend money for so less quantity and your lips really need exfoliation give it a try !


Review of Aurodo pocket zoo 4d

Educational toys are best option for any parent for their kids. I came across this box of animal cards which is a mobile or tablet based game. It gives a nice experience of listening the voices and seeing the animals move on your mobile or tablet screen.

It is a fun way of learning for kids and side by side enjoying the game. The game come in a box that contains:

  • 32 animal cards which include sea creatures, wild animals, pets and insects too.
  • It contains a stand device for your mobile or tablet.
  • A very cute carrying pouch to put your cards in it.

How to use this :

  1.  Search for the app ‘Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4d’ on google play store or apple app store.
  2.  Download the app.
  3.  Then the box contains a scratch card scratch that card it will have a special number which you will be asked to activate the app.
  4.  Now scan card and explore different animals see them moving and listening their voices , their is an option of spell when you scan the card and when you press it will say the name of the animal.

What I like about this :

  1. It can be used for my baby as he is only 14 months now but he was enjoying it, though it is for kids 2 to 10 yrs of age.
  2. It has vast variety of animals .
  3. Its very easy to install and use .
  4. It feels real animal experience, good for kids who like animal related games.
  5. Not so expensive and is available on amazon.com
  6. It has animal quiz option which will help your kid to recognize animals and learn their spelling.​


What I don’t like :

It is a screen game so not good for kid’s eyes if they play for long hours.

In brief its a nice product with fun, learning and technology.